OUT BOX Marketing

Social Media

Social media of our time is the only source of events and the only place to gather the largest audience and place to market and attract customers. Social marketing is an important tool for marketing, displaying or sharing your products or services to all the groups you want to reach and something indispensable to reach potential customers. Currently we are publishing content across on the most famous platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp.

Software Features

We import new customers from social media platforms from any country or city where your company or business. we also send text messages, videos, photos, follow, unfollow, tweet, retweet, mention, auto like comment share add friend , push notification, mobile sms ,Send to facebook & whatsapp groups. and more features.

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Strategy & Planning

You are following before the traditional publishing and marketing your content like as using e-mail or distributing printed publications or advertising in newspapers and magazines. And other traditional means. After all this, you might get targeted customers first. The situation is different for us as we save a lot of time using the best technology. All you have to do is send photos and information about the product or project you want to advertise as well as your username and password in order to connect the project’s social media page to our marketing program. If you don’t like it, our team will create a new social media page with the same name as your business. After the violation of the marketing process we will send you the login information to the page that we have created. If you have any question please contact us at whatsapp chat at the bottom of the page.