I want to marry a man who is older than me and my family is objecting, what should I do?
I am a 22-year-old girl, I graduated from university and finished my studies, and a single man proposed to me and he was twenty years older than me. He had never been married before, and he met me through his sister who was my friend, but my family rejected him strongly at first, especially Mom.
He is a person of high morals and adheres to his religion completely adhering to his religion, and nothing lacks him and he is ready and independent with his residence alone, and a good job and educated, and from a respectful and committed family. I wished to marry someone who is older than me because of the soundness of his mind, and after they rejected him the first time he came back and asked me again and again, and he sent many people to intercede for him with my father, and my father was never convinced for one reason, which is the age difference, and my father’s explanation is that after almost 10 years of our marriage he will be unable The man is sexually and I will regret it, and other things, and I did not change my mind, in the end my father agreed and I am now engaged to this person, except that my whole family is angry with me, and they are not enthusiastic about this marriage, and I am confused, and every day my mother hears me expressions of regret and criticism of my choice This, and it always reminds me that my father did not agree out of conviction, but only for me.

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